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Recruitment & Selection

It goes without saying that ensuring your organization has the very best human resources is fundamental to achieving your business goals - achieving results through your people.
Understanding the Recruitment and Selection "lifecycle" allows each stage to be carefully considered (monitored, evaluated and reviewed) and linked to an organization’s very specific needs; in this way it is more likely that objective, relevant and legally compliant decisions will occur, more consistently, and produce the most suitable person for the role.

Poor recruitment and selection decisions also affect morale, business performance and bring management's capabilities into question as well.
To discuss how our Recruitment & Selection services can help you bring quality people into your organization.

Induction Programme


This task-focused procedure can be enhanced with only a little extra effort, making the new starter feel welcome, valued and useful.

There are significant costs associated with poor induction, which at their most extreme arise when an unhappy new starter leaves the organization - their expectations unmet.


In general, a comprehensive induction programme should:

  • Be precisely tailored to the new recruit and job role
  • Strike a balance between cost effectiveness and investment of time spent inducting
  • Encourage the new starter to identify the strengths they are bringing to their new organization
  • Take time - allowing people to assimilate all the information needed over a specified period
  • Enable the new member of staff to understand what is expected of them and to ask questions when they do not understand
  • Take into account the potential for changed dynamics in team working when new starters will be working in teams

HR and Payroll Services

we recognise that your most valuable resource is your staff team. We have the experience and expertise that provides you with a range of solutions tailored to help you manage and reward them effectively. With an outsourced solution tailored exactly to your organisation’s needs, we can help you to reduce the administrative burden on your business thus reducing operating costs. Our expert team’s experience of working with both large and small organisations has given us the ability to provide a solution that suits your individual needs and ensures your peace of mind.

  • Auto Enrolment
  • Payroll Services
  • Payroll Software
  • NHS HR & Payroll Services
  • Employee Self Service
  • HR Software
  • Pension Administration
  • Workforce Analyser
  • HR Policy & Employee Services
  • Flexible Benefits
  •  Health & Safety Policy Advice

HR Policy and Employee Services

Generating and managing consistent HR policies is a complex and time consuming process that can prove difficult for many companies to achieve. Recruiting and retaining skilled personnel and ensuring compliance with ever-changing employment legislation are aspects of business that every organisation needs to get right.

Our Solution

A team of expert HR advisors with senior level experience in all industries and sizes of
organisation provides HR policy advice and HR services to help clients negotiate the
complexities of  Indian employment law and practice. Experienced HR consultants devise, implement and manage the HR processes and services needed to achieve your business objectives.

Key Features

  • Expert HR policy advice as and when needed
  • Expert HR and employee services as and when neededd
  • Best practice and quality assuranced

Key Benefits

  • Reduced cost and risk
  • Increased efficiency
  • Focus on strategic goals by aligning HR policy and services with business needs

Standard Recruitment Solution:

Most Recruitment Agencies currently operate on a "contingency" basis, also referred to as "No win, No fee". This means you don't owe anything unless one of our candidates has successfully started a new job in your business. We will usually compete with one or more agencies on the same jobs. Competition is a good thing, but it also means you will pay more in the end, as recruitment agencies have to build into their fees the risk of not filling the position. At our  Recruitment, we offer this standard recruitment solution, but we also have alternatives which offer both better value for money and a better service through our "Exclusive" and "Retained" partnership deals.

Exclusive Partnership:
In our "Exclusive Partnership" solution, you commit to give us advanced notice on any new job in your business (or in a specific area, for example IT or Finance), and we in turn commit to sending you a number of quality Candidates within a pre-agreed timeframe. It is in our interest to work on these types of positions very quickly, as we have limited time to send you the right candidates, which in turn benefits you, by reducing administration time and costs, and by getting your vacancies filled much faster (on average, positions are filled 40% faster through exclusive partnership than through the standard solution).

This option is still a "contingency" solution, so you do not owe anything unless one of our candidates has started a new job in your company. We can offer better value placement fees because of the commitment you make to us and our increased confidence in filling the position. This does not mean you cannot deal with other agencies, simply that we get at least an agreed head start on your new vacancies.